Welcome to our website www.mrcat.biz, the home of our cat service company, Mr. Cat.

I'm not kidding! What do we provide? Well, we offer in your home puurrrfect cat grooming and cat specialists with excellence and convenience to all customers. We are located in the New York City Metropolitan area, but we also travel to other cities for cat grooming, breeder’s & club’s technical consulting, and the judging of cat shows in the US and abroad by a highly trained and motivated team.

Why a company? We realized years ago that there were no specialized cat services in NYC, a company with the knowledge and the will to treat cats with love and respect. Since we are also cat breeders and international cat judges, we have decided it is the time to give your pets the quality service they deserve and lots of fun and play time, everything done in the comfort of your own home. Besides, we wanted to share some of our knowledge with our customers and keep you informed about cat grooming, sitting, breeding and cat shows.

Can you hire us? Sure, you can. We are also traveling cat grooming technicians. So… don't be surprised, we might be showing up soon at your friend's house or in an unexpected location such as under a bridge, up on a tree or in a coffee shop right near you. I've listed on this web site our services and the ways you can reach us. Don’t be shy, feel free to contact us!!!

Thank you for visiting our webpage. We believe you will find all the information you need on the following pages: ABOUT, SERVICES, TESTIMONIALS, CONTACT, GALLERY, MOVIES, TIPS and REFERRALS. If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to let us know.

We hope you enjoy Mr. CAT’s site and services!





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